Arinac Forte 400mg/60mg forte tablet


Combination therapy for symptomatic relief:

Arinac Forte is formulated as a combination drug, which includes analgesic, antipyretic, and decongestant properties. This makes it suitable for providing comprehensive relief from symptoms associated with common colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections.

Management of pain and fever:

The analgesic ingredient in Arinac Forte, often acetaminophen (paracetamol), helps relieve pain and reduce fever. It is especially effective for individuals who experience headaches, body aches, and fever associated with viral infections.

Relief from nasal congestion:

Arinac Forte contains a decongestant to relieve nasal congestion, promote respiratory relaxation and ease breathing. This feature is beneficial in reducing symptoms related to sinus congestion and nasal congestion.


Individual dietary considerations:

The appropriate dose of Arinac Forte depends on factors such as the patient's age, weight and severity of symptoms.

Health care professionals generally recommend the recommended dosage and duration of treatment to optimize the effects while minimizing the risk of potential side effects.

Administration with or after food:

To increase gastrointestinal tolerance, Arinac Forte is often recommended to be taken with or after food. This practice helps reduce the risk of stomach upset and ensures maximum absorption of the medicine.


Relief from composite symptoms:

Arinac Forte's unique combination offers a holistic approach to symptom management, relieving pain, fever, and nasal congestion simultaneously.

This comprehensive relief enhances patient comfort and speeds recovery from common respiratory infections.

Low drug load:

The combination nature of Arinac Forte reduces the need for multiple medications, simplifying the treatment regimen for patients who manage multiple symptoms simultaneously.

Adverse effects:

Gastrointestinal disorders:

Although Arinac Forte is generally well tolerated, some individuals may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort, emphasizing the importance of administration with or after food.

Precautions for specific populations:

Patients with pre-existing liver conditions should exercise caution due to the presence of acetaminophen. Appropriate monitoring and dose adjustments may be necessary.

Effects related to decongestants:

Decongestants in Arinac Forte may cause side effects such as increased heart rate, insomnia, or nervousness. Caution is advised, especially in individuals with cardiovascular disease.


Arinac Forte pill, with its unique combination of analgesic, antipyretic, and decongestant ingredients, stands out as a versatile option for managing a spectrum of symptoms. As a medical professional, a thorough understanding of its usage, dosage considerations, benefits, and potential side effects is vital to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Striking a balance between symptom relief and patient safety allows healthcare professionals to utilize the unique benefits of Arinac Forte in the realm of respiratory symptom management. Always consult a health care provider for personal guidance related to individual health concerns.


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